Guiding Tomorrow's Hearts and Minds

Student Leadership

Teachers weave life lessons into their curriculum and develop programs that build character and leadership at all grade levels. In middle school, student leadership clubs are one way St. Matthew’s supports this goal. Many of these clubs are designed and co-led by middle school students, meet every Friday afternoon and allow for the pursuit of extra-curricular interests in a fun and non-graded environment. Each club meets for four sessions and the groups are a balanced mix of students in fifth through eighth grades.

Club offerings have included: 
• Quiz Team
• Science Olympiad
• Summer Scrapbooking
• The Classics
• Ultimate Frisbee
• Creative Board Games
• Rock Wall Climbing (Got Chalk?)
• Myth Buster’s Club
• Photography
• Indoor Rowing Club
• Knitting Club
• Outdoor Survival
• 3D Jewelry

Students have also been able to create their own club topic, such as Cupcake/ Cookie Club, Dancing based on interest and talent available.

Student Council

Student Council does more than just plan and host fun schoolwide events. Middle school students build leadership and public speaking skills. They present initiatives to the school administration, advocate for the student body, help problem-solve student issues, and implement new programs that provide them the opportunity to make a positive change within their school.