Guiding Tomorrow's Hearts and Minds

Peninsula Bridge

Peninsula Bridge transforms the lives of highly motivated, low-income students by preparing and supporting them for success in college preparatory high school programs and four-year colleges. 

Founded in 1989 by a group of concerned community leaders, the program is designed to encourage students to work hard, visualize dreams, talk about goals and to create action plans that will help them achieve success in school and life.

St. Matthew’s is proud to partner with Peninsula Bridge site since 2009. Though each site has its own distinct personality, the core elements of the Bridge Program (e.g., curriculum framework, timeframe, master teacher/student ratio, etc.) are consistent across all of the sites.

The five-week summer program at St. Matthew’s offers intensive academic and enrichment experiences for rising fifth and sixth grade students. St. Matthew’s teachers are often lead academic instructors and each summer we are proud to have our alumni return as teaching assistants.