Guiding Tomorrow's Hearts and Minds

The St. Matt's Experience

Religion and Chapel

We believe that children are growing in heart, mind and spirit. Spirituality is universal to all religions, and it is our spirit that allows us to connect with something greater than ourselves. By developing spiritually, we gain compassion, a sense of meaning in life, and inspiration to serve those in need.

The goal of religious instruction at St. Matthew’s is to nurture the spiritual development of all of our students, who bring with them a wide range of religious beliefs. In Chapel, we pray in the Episcopal tradition while honoring and respecting all the traditions present in our school.

Students in third through eighth grades serve in chapel as acolytes, ushers, and lead the school in readings and prayers. This opportunity provides valuable public speaking experience and builds their confidence.

In chapel, we:
- sing together
- learn from one another and the Bible
- share our ideas and community announcements, and
- pray for the world, those in need, and each other

Chapel Schedule:

Grades 1-8:
Grades 5-8: Tuesday
Pre-K: Wednesday
Grades 1-8: Thursday
Grades K-4: Friday

Each year, our 8th graders lead the school in a Chapel Talk. 
The link to these talks can be found here 

School Choirs

Not a day passes without our students sharing a song and experiencing the joy of music. In addition to music classes, they have the opportunity to participate in the school’s choirs.

Junior Choir
A chorus of third and fourth grade students make up the Junior Choir. They lead the lower school chapel services, perform at the annual Spring Concert and sing at holiday events and special occasions. The Junior Choir performs with the Chapel Choirs for large community events.

Chapel Choirs
A chorus of fifth through eighth grade students make up the two Chapel Choirs. To accommodate the strong interest in choir participation, there are two Chapel Choirs that lead chapel three mornings a week, perform at the annual Spring Concert and sing at holiday events and special occasions.