Guiding Tomorrow's Hearts and Minds

The St. Matt's Experience

Maker Lab and Technology

Step into our Maker Lab and see firsthand where our students come to tinker, build, and create.  With tools ranging from cardboard shears and hot glue to 3D printers and circuit boards, our makers learn how to design, iterate, and bring their ideas to life.

We integrate technology and making into student life in ways that support active, student-centered learning to promote creativity, collaboration, and invention. At the heart of the program lies a plan for learning rather than technology.

To prepare students to be lifelong learners they:
  • engage with real-world problems
  • foster their growth mindset
  • develop and articulate ideas
  • use technology to design and build

Resources and Curriculum

Computers, tablets, and other assistive devices are a pervasive part of the innovative teaching and learning culture at St. Matthew's. All St. Matthew's classrooms use a combination of iPads, Chromebooks, and Mac notebook computers to support teachers and students and drive student-centered learning environments. Students use such tools to help them become creators of content, not just consumers of it.

The Maker Lab is a resource for all classes on campus to engage in innovative projects and STEAM — Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics — topics using specialized tools and materials, including digital fabrication (3D printer) and physical computing (LEGO robotics, Hummingbird, Arduino).
Students explore the following technology topics through projects integrated into the core curriculum as well as specialized classes and clubs in the campus Maker Lab:
  • Computational Thinking & Programming
  • Design Thinking
  • Engineering, Prototyping & Fabrication
  • Physical Computing
  • Game Design
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Animation and Motion Picture
  • Graphic & Web Design

Lower School Highlights

In the Maker Lab, Lower School students develop their maker mindset. They joyfully explore physics with Alka Seltzer fizzy rockets, coding with robotic bees, and the sun's power with solar creations.

Middle School Highlights

Middle School students use the Maker Lab to innovate solutions to design challenges. Tools like coding, 3D printing, and electronics open up possibilities for creative problem-solving. Art and engineering work hand in hand as students engage with meaningful making projects.