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Cultural Focus Week

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All of last week was Cultural Focus Week at our school. This is the week we bring out the National Geographic Giant Traveling Map. What better way to teach young people the power of maps and the limitless depth of geography than a half court-sized map of a continent on which they can explore, travel around, compete, collaborate and have lots of fun? This year the focus was India and there were special assemblies, parent presentations, displays, traditional Indian clothes, bindis, jewelry and so much more! This was also a meaningful way to tie into the 8th grade’s Global Learning Service Project - the Kiran Anjali Project - which gives impoverished girls in India the opportunity for a life-changing education. Students, teachers, parents, staff - all immersed ourselves in the culture, people, traditions, religions, languages, geography, food, stories, music and dance of India! Many thanks to the Cultural Focus Week Planning Committee of the DSPA who helped put this together and make it a smashing success!