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Our Leadership

St. Matthew's Board of Trustees

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Day School’s Board of Trustees is a talented group of dedicated individuals who work together as a team to govern the school, ensuring its current and long-term success. The Board holds the school's long-term strategic vision "in trust," providing resources, setting policy, and assuring financial strength in order to promote the mission of the school.

List of 17 members.

  • Photo of Andrew Kearns

    Andrew Kearns 

  • Photo of Sami Ahn

    Sami Ahn 

    Vice Chair
  • Photo of Kiele Neas Wolf

    Kiele Neas Wolf 

    Vice Chair
  • Photo of Sarah Solum

    Sarah Solum 

  • Photo of Ingrid Mazul

    Ingrid Mazul 

  • Photo of Roz Benjamin

    Roz Benjamin 

  • Photo of Michael Buckley

    Michael Buckley 

  • Photo of Deandre Calhoun

    Deandre Calhoun 

  • Photo of Lija McBride

    Lija McBride 

  • Photo of Stuart McLaughlin

    Stuart McLaughlin 

  • Photo of Martha Phillips

    Martha Phillips 

  • Photo of Johanna Ravelo

    Johanna Ravelo 

  • Photo of Sara Shank

    Sara Shank 

  • Photo of Evan Tato

    Evan Tato 

  • Photo of Simon Weaver

    Simon Weaver 

  • Photo of Jeffrey Wilson

    Jeffrey Wilson 

  • Photo of Gerri Wong

    Gerri Wong 


Julie Galles, Head of School
Reverend Dr. Eric Hinds, Rector
Caroline McNally, Senior Warden
Nicole Magaddino, Day School Parents' Association

The Day School Foundation Board

The Day School Foundation (DSF) was established as a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable foundation in 1995. Its purpose is to manage funds raised by St. Matthew’s Episcopal Day School in support of the School’s operations, educational programs and facilities.

Gordon Brooks, President
Sarah Solum, Secretary
John Fernandez, Treasurer
David Willard, Member

School Administrators

List of 11 members.

  • Photo of Julie Galles

    Julie Galles 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Dawn Carleton

    Dawn Carleton 

    Middle School Director
  • Photo of Amber Stancliffe Evans

    Amber Stancliffe Evans 

    School Chaplain
  • Photo of Rakhee Kaushik

    Rakhee Kaushik 

    Director of Development
  • Photo of Cherie Patterson

    Cherie Patterson 

    Director of Finance & Operations
  • Photo of Gabrielle Peterson

    Gabrielle Peterson 

    Communications & Marketing
  • Photo of Victoria Trevor

    Victoria Trevor 

    Lower School Director
  • Photo of Cheryl Adenekan

    Cheryl Adenekan 

    Director of Community and Inclusion
  • Photo of Tish Scola

    Tish Scola 

    Director of Admissions & Enrollment
  • Photo of Will Robinson

    Will Robinson 

    Middle School Dean of Students
  • Photo of Erin Hudec

    Erin Hudec 

    Site Director at Charles House

Day School Parents' Association Board

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Nicole Magaddino

    Nicole Magaddino 

  • Photo of Meg McLaughlin

    Meg McLaughlin 

    Vice President
  • Photo of Tracey Lee

    Tracey Lee 

  • Photo of Mary Rosenberger

    Mary Rosenberger 

  • Photo of Meghan Crowell

    Meghan Crowell 

    Communications Director